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Expanding the Selection of Yarn Products from our Sustainable OEKO-Tex Certified Hemp Fiber


Company Natural Fiber (UAB „Natūralus Pluoštas‘‘) is delighted to introduce an expanded selection of yarn products in a variety of counts and blend proportions from our sustainable OEKO-Tex certified hemp fiber. We are delighted to see that an ever-increasing number of spinners choose hemp as a sustainable natural fiber in their production and are able to achieve counts up to Nm50.

From July 2020, the company will be offering the following blends:

Blend with cotton 

  • Nm50/1 C70/H30
  • Nm40/1 C70/H30

Blend with tencel

  • Nm50/1 T70/H30
  • Nm40/1 T70/H30

Tricomponent blend from cotton/polyester/hemp

  • Nm50/1 C35/PE35/H30
  • Nm40/1 C35/PE35/H30

In addition to currently available products, Natural Fiber also accepts orders for yarn blends tailored to a particular request of a client.

Built in 2019, one of the most modern hemp fiber processing factories in Europe can process around 30,000 tons of hemp stalks annually. Natural Fiber produces high quality sustainable hemp fiber for textile and non-woven material.

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